Councillors will take part in the first meeting of Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee since February.

Decisions on planning application have been taken by officers throughout lockdown, but policy – and particularly contentious applications – are decided by elected councillors on the committee.

One reason why the council has not been able to organise virtual meetings of the committee until has been the requirement for members, applicants, objectors and members of the public to be able to see plans, maps and photographs.

But next week’s meeting will see two applications and two policy papers discussed.

One application will be a plan to put up a first floor extension to 17 Dovetrees in Covingham and the other a plan to convert 79 Lansdown Road to an eight-person house of multiple occupation.

The committee will also discuss, and vote whether to accept as policy car parking standards for new developments throughout Swindon – telling developers how much provision they must make for different sizes of home in different areas – and a guide to developers who might want to build on the Groundwell Park and Ride.

The meeting starts at 6pm on Thursday, May 28 and there will be a link made available on the agenda in the calendar of meetings on the council’s website for members of the public to log on.