A Swindon police sergeant has issued a warning to motorists after a supercar was caught doing 107mph in a 50mph zone.

The bright orange McLaren 540c motor, which has a starting price of £128,000, was recorded going at double the speed limit along the Great Western Way near the Mannington Roundabout on Sunday at around 8pm.

The sports car’s 29-year-old driver was stopped at the roadside. He will be summonsed to court.

A Swindon police sergeant said he had never come across anything like it in six years on the force.

Sgt Connor Crespin said: “You never know what’s going to be coming towards you. You can’t predict what other road users are going to be doing.

“Since lockdown there has been a huge increase in foxes. If you hit an animal at that speed your car’s going to be written off.”

With potholes on the road you could easily lose control of your vehicle, he added. “If you lose control you’re not only going to injure yourself but you’re also going to injure other road users.”

Wiltshire Police is part way through a two week campaign tackling speeding across the county.

The force said a series of drivers had been stopped over the long Bank Holiday weekend and reported for speeding.

The included a 25-year-old man, who was caught driving a Mercedes E220 at 88mph in a 40mph zone in Thamesdown Drive on Saturday.

On the same day, a 53-year-old Honda Civic driver was caught driving at 66mph on the same road. 12 motorists were warned for driving up to 46mph in a 40mph zone.