Bumbling Boris gave green light to travel

The self appointed spokesperson for the Tory party in Swindon ( I refer to of course Mr Crook ) and his two recent letters, the first one stay away from holiday hot spots where he says, once again it seems idiots are ruling the asylum and asks could one of you have travelled to a seaside resort or a picturesque village in the area?,

No I wasn't one of those Mr.Crook and I despise anyone who may have done so, but blame it on your hero bumbling Boris who gave the green light for people to travel any distance they want to.

You also ask where do you take yourself and the kids to go to the toilet when after travelling sixty five miles and taken in fluids you will need to use a toilet.

Shouldn't you be asking that to a certain Mr Cummings ?

I refer to your second letter of the 29th May where you seem to be standing up for the real idiot who thought it was OK to drive 295 miles to County Durham with his wife and child on board.

Surely they must have needed to stop on route for a toilet break (to quote you Mr. Crook, how embarrassing to get caught short).

You're quite right to say that they broke lockdown rules and many thousands of others have done so.

Does that make it OK for him to do so John?

Surely he should be setting an example and not to do so.

Lockdown was introduced just after my Dad's funeral and for the first four weeks of it I struggled to cope with day-to-day life.

I couldn't arrange to meet an amazing female friend who helped me through the most darkest days of my life when Dad was in hospital and when he passed away.

She lives only a 10 minute drive away but we stuck to lockdown rules.

So was it ok for Cummings to drive 295 miles to his destination ?

Mark Webb

Old Town

A random argument

There seems to be no limit to the loyalty of John L Crook to the rich elites that traditionally run our society, so it is no surprise he supports the principle that the rich should not be expected to follow the same rules as the rest of us.

It is no surprise that he is happy that Dominic Cummings went on a long test drive, with family on board, to check his eyes, or that when the test drive resulted in him feeling nauseous it would still be OK nevertheless for him to take the long drive back, from a second home, to London.

It is also of no surprise when Mr Crook again fumbles the facts when he says Cummings stopped Tony Bair ditching the pound in favour of the European single currency by “advising the then Government in 2016 to take back control … etc”.

If Mr Crook checks he will find “the then Government in 2016” was a Tory Government and Blair hadn’t been PM since 2007.

And when Blair was the PM it is commonly acknowledged that Gordon Brown blocked entry into the Euro common currency.

I think Mr Crook’s letters are examples of: Adopt a position and dredge up arguments for it later, however random and distant from reality they may be.

Peter Smith

Woodside Avenue


The burning question

I wonder if Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister's most senior aide and special advisor, gave the Prime Minister advice on how to deal with the Dominic Cummings affair.

Brian Tomlin

Headlands Grove