Speeding no surprise

As a resident of North Swindon and a regular user of Thamesdown Drive, I am amazed that anyone, let alone Wiltshire police officers, are surprised that drivers speed on this stretch of road.

However, unlike some of the critics, I don’t believe fixed cameras are the answer. The perpetrators are clever enough to speed between the points where there would be zero camera coverage, which would negate any real benefit a camera would provide.

Much better to have a mobile unit which moved along the road and was able to be positioned at will on either carriageway. It would be even better if the speeding driver was stopped and temporarily suspended from driving until their case came to court or they admitted the offence.

Another area of concern is the tendency for drivers to ignore the many sets of traffic lights on Thamesdown Drive. It is amazing how many drive through a red light with little comprehension of the outcome of being side swiped.

Speeding per se is dangerous, but not as dangerous as ignoring a traffic light.

Incidentally a red and amber also means stop, while an amber light means STOP if it’s safe to do so.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


Time to delay Brexit

An open letter to Justin Tomlinson, MP. As your constituent, I wanted to bring to your attention a report by the Social Market Foundation, on the double economic impact of Brexit and Coronavirus.

The report shows not only the adverse result of any disruption to trade with the EU during the COVID-19 recession, but also the disproportionately severe effect this would have on the South West.

Swindon is particularly exposed with 74 per cent of jobs in industries likely to be severely affected over time and 56 per cent of GVA from industries likely to be severely disrupted

Swindon has excellent financial, automotive and chemical advanced manufacturing industries, however these are the industries amongst the most exposed to the double disruption of Coronavirus and WTO outcome. The resulting disruption in these sectors could then have a knock-on effect for investment and jobs.

You can read the full report here: smf.co.uk/publications/assessing-the-economic-implications-of-coronavirus-and-brexit/

I know you’ve been doing everything you can to help in the fight against Coronavirus. But there’s one very important action you can still take – support an extension to the Brexit transition period, before the deadline on 30 June.

The world has changed immeasurably since we left the EU in January. The post-Brexit timeline was devised in a different era, and the Government now needs to adjust the transition period in response to the oncoming, unprecedented global recession.

Extending the transition period ensures the UK has time to reach the best deal for British businesses, as the Conservative Party promised in their manifesto.

We have only weeks to save British businesses. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this report, and how you plan to shield communities like mine from the double impact of Brexit and Coronavirus.

Dr Sam Hollings

Firefly Avenue