More devolution

I write in response to the article ‘Lethargic Stale and Asleep at the Wheel’ which was front page on Tuesday’s Adver.

A couple of years ago the council voted to evolve powers to parish councils some of which were newly formed to undertake the task.

The council has now additionally voted to devolve further powers to unelected Swindon Borough Council officers thus making 56 borough councillors redundant, the only exception being the council leader thus saving the council at least £1m a year in the process.

I would like to congratulate leader David Renard for this innovative initiative and the only question remaining outstanding is to when it will be implemented?

Richard Symonds

The Bramptons


Licence to be kind

I want to use this opportunity to thank an unknown samaritan for returning my driver’s licence.

I have moved to Swindon recently from Leicester and I lost it somewhere on a pavement on the day I was looking for a van to fetch the rest of my furniture.

When back in Leicester last week, I found a note amongst the mail with the following words: ‘Found this on the pavement in Swindon. It’s a pain in the backside to apply for a new one!’’ Drawn smiley face at the end.

If you’re the Good Samaritan reading here, one million thank yous once again.

Good people are still around.

Gradwell Fisher

Dewell Mews

Old town

Impact of no deal Brexit

I’ve just seen a new report (from Best for Britain and the Social Market Foundation) on the double impact of Brexit and Coronavirus, and feel like I’ve spotted an iceberg on the horizon that everyone else is ignoring.

The report shows that any change to our trade relationship with Europe during the Covid-19 recession will hurt the UK economy.

The North West and the Midlands regions of the UK would face a disproportionately severe impact should we leave the Brexit transition period without any kind of deal.

Brexit is done and we cannot stop it, but we can protect our jobs, our services and our local businesses.

However, our communities are already stretched to breaking point by the coronavirus pandemic and we desperately need time to deal with that before we can turn our focus to our changing relationship with or largest economic partners.

Steve Rouse

Woodland View


Covid exercise? Then take your litter home

The combination of virus lockdown and good weather has encouraged many more of us to get out into the countryside for exercise.

That’s great. But there’s been a downside.

My wife and I have seen increased amounts of litter and have been taking a bag and gloves with us to pick stuff up.

Our haul during a ninety minute walk up to, and around, Cherhill monument included a plastic sapling protector, two beer bottles, six drinks cans seven bags of dog poo, and a variety of other rubbish.

It’s distressing to see the carelessness with which some people treat the environment, which is already under stress.

Mike White

Orchard Grove