A teen boy is being investigated by police after a large number of laughing gas canisters were seized when a PCSO went to speak to a group of youths in Lydiard Park. 

West Swindon PCSO Jamie Moore was cycling through the country park on Friday night when he came across the group. 

"One was in possession of a large quantity of nitrous oxide canisters. The canisters have been seized and a 17-year-old male is now subject to a police investigation," Swindon Police said.

Officers took to social media to issue a health warning about nitrous oxide. 

This Is Wiltshire:

Stock image of gas canisters Picture: NEWSQUEST

Swindon Police wrote on Facebook: "Nitrous oxide is known as ‘nos’ or ‘laughing gas’ this is a colourless gas, although not meant for human consumption it is sometimes inhaled by people that use this substance.

"The effects of inhaling nitrous oxide gas can cause many health issues including swelling of the brain, sadly people have died from inhaling nitrous oxide."

A 2016 law made it an offence to supply nitrous oxide to those intending to inhale it. There are no sentencing guidelines.

"If you know or suspect anyone to use nitrous oxide please warn them of the dangers, if you are aware of anyone that supplies nitrous oxide for human consumption please report this to us or anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800 555111."