Learn from history

Has the whole world gone stark staring Mad?

I refer to the many who are lamenting the Sad Death of George Floyd in the USA. The method of restraining him was to say the very least questionable, indeed some would say it was simply unacceptable and also stupid.

However, the Idea that Black Lives Matter is something else again. Surely all lives matter? The colour of one's skin should in fact have no bearing whatsoever. He was a human being and was entitled to Justice.

The events since that which appear to have spread to our shores is questionable. If we are such a bad nation why then do people flock in their thousands to come here to live and work ?

I have worked with quite a few Black people during my working life. And I am now almost 80. I always found them to be the same as I in most of their outlooks and aspirations. Never had any problems working together. In fact, we had some good times and many laughs, a lot of them at my expense.

So why all this stupidity regarding events that took place a few hundred years ago? We, most of us don't condone it. But it is a part of our History! You cannot change history! No matter how strongly you feel.

All any of us can do is learn from it and try and ensure this sort of thing never happens again. All these statues are there for a purpose. To remind us of our history. Yes, we the British were involved in the Slave Trade. As were many other people . Including some of the Black people in Africa who sold other Black people as slaves to the North African people.

It happened! Live with it and learn from it.Try and ensure it never happens again. But History is to be Valued, we can learn from it. If we destroy it then how can we remember and learn? Let's just try and live sensible lives in a spirit friendship and helping others.

Wouldn't that be a better solution for everybody?

David Collins

Blake Crescent

Idle hands and the Devil

Has it occurred to anyone, that old adage. The devil finds work for idle hands. Hence the multitude of protesters pulling down statues. Attacking police officersto mention but a few of many misdemeanours. No teenagers at school. Half the country being paid fourth fifths of their wages for staying at home. Students, after going into a life time of debt to pay their extortionate fees, sitting at home. All the aforementioned through no fault of their own. I rest my Case, Bill Williams

Merlin Way


No chlorine please

Steve Thompson maintains that "chlorine will not harm you" (Letters June 12).

I beg to differ.

Numerous studies have shown that chlorine can lead to serious health problems.

When ingested in the body, it combines with organic substances to form by-products called trihalomethanes which are known to cause cancer at even minimal levels. They are stored in the fatty tissues and can damage normal cell growth, suppress the immune system and alter DNA.These by-products have been linked to cancers of the liver, colon, bladder, bowel and rectum.

Other conditions attributed to THMs include heart disease, premature senility and reproductive problems. A link has also been found to increased incidence of spina bifida. In Canada, researchers have found that high levels of THMs significantly increased the risk of stillborn babies. In light of all this, I would suggest that Mr. Thompson's assertion is wrong.

Quite apart from the disgusting conditions in which poultry is kept on US poultry farms, I believe that to allow chlorinated chicken needlessly into the UK national diet would be folly.

Basil Jones.

Grosvenor Road