A FAIRY display in Royal Wootton Bassett has been causing a mystery for almost two years.

Few people knew who was behind the brightly-coloured attraction, which started at around Christmas time in 2018.

But it has been revealed that mum of two Mel Hunt is the inspiration. She decided to get it going after spotting a tree stump that, to her, looked like the perfect mystical place to start the display.

Mel, of Tinkers Field, said: “I’m shocked that it stayed quiet for so long, to be honest. I set up in secret but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that it got out of the bag.

“I was walking down the High Street by the Town Hall and saw a tree stump which looked like a door to me and that’s when the idea popped into my head.”

Mel admitted she gets a mixed response from daughters Imogen, 17, and Amber, 15, and her husband Craig.

The 48-year-old said: “The eldest kind of just roles her eyes at me whenever I go out to the display, but the other one just loves it.

“My husband supports it. I’ve said to him 'am I off my rocker for doing this?' but he doesn’t think I am, he thinks it’s lovely.

“I’ve spent my days painting away and making these decorations to put there, I love it.”

Mel has since moved the display to Sparrow Lane by Craft Coffee Pot after the original tree stump was replaced with a new tree.

And it is even better and brighter than before with a rainbow stone trail, little fairy figures and other decorations.

Mel said: “I’m just like the groundsman and people come along to look or even add their own decorations to it. It only started off as a small door and a sign so I didn’t think people would notice it at the beginning, but they did.

“We just need a bit of magic in our lives sometimes, especially right now. I’s just a nice bit of escapism for everyone. I’ll go down there to take out the weeds and to trim the grass and people walking past will tell me how lovely they think it is.

“I’m really glad I started it, it’s probably a bit of a childish thing to do but it cheers people up, especially the children here.”

Mel isn’t sure how much longer it will stay in Bassett but plans to keep maintaining it for as long as she can.

Those commenting on her Facebook posts have told her they love what she is doing and that it makes their day.

And mums and dads across the town have taken their children to Sparrow Lane especially to take a look.