A PAEDOPHILE who breached a court order by logging onto the Kik messenger app has been warned to expect prison.

Darren Brazier, 37, was spared a jail sentence last year after he admitted owning an obscene stash of a million indecent images and videos of children.

He began building the collection within five months of being dealt with by the courts in 2010 for having 100,000 indecent images on his computer.

Brazier, of Thresher Drive, pleaded guilty last month to two breaches of his sexual harm prevention order.

He had used an iPad – prohibited under the terms of his order – and was also found to have deleted the Kik messenger app from another device, meaning police were unable to see messages sent using the application.

Breaching a sexual harm prevention order is an offence punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment.

Judge Jason Taylor QC, who sentenced Brazier last year, told Swindon Crown Court on Friday that he was considering sending him to prison.

“I found that a difficult case and I gave him a chance and I said the ball was in his court. As things stand I am contemplating immediate custody because he has been given a chance and what is troubling in this case the previous case started within five months of the suspended sentence order in 2010 being imposed,” he said.

“And here we once again have someone effectively living a double life, paying lip service to the suspended sentence but doing something completely different behind closed doors.”

The case was adjourned to August 21 as the police are yet to analyse the devices seized from him.

The judge told Brazier’s barrister, Clare Evans: “I’m going to adjourn it but even as things stand you will face an uphill struggling trying to persuade me not to activate the suspended sentence.”

Brazier was first given a chance by a Swindon judge in 2010 when he was caught with more than 100,000 vile pictures and movies.

But within five months the 36-year-old was back downloading vast quantities of images of child rape.

And when police caught up with him almost seven years later they found more than a million illicit files on his collection of devices. The search terms he had used to source the collection included “daddy daughter” and "pre-teen".