OPEN spaces in some parts of the town could be given back to nature.

South Swindon Parish Council is asking for people to get in touch with ideas for areas that should be left to re-wild to encourage and support the natural environment.

In a statement it said: “The parish council is now responsible for maintaining many of the green open spaces inside the parish.

“We currently contract this work to Swindon Borough Council but in the next few months we will be self-delivering grass cutting and will have control over the number of cuts we make.

“Due to the coronavirus lockdown green open spaces have not been cut as regularly. This has led to longer grass but also some colourful wildflowers springing up - like the pyramidal orchids.

“The parish council has been lobbied by some residents to leave open spaces and verges to grow while other residents have complained that the grass is too long.”

A revised grass cutting rota is now being drawn up to allow for some areas to be mown less frequently to enable the rewilding.

People living in the area can email or call the parish office on 01793 312006 to offer suggestions as to which open spaces they would like to be left.