OVERGROWN hedges and narrow paths are making life difficult for wheelchair users in Highworth.

Richard Hester lives in the Sandsground care home on the A361 and finds simple trips to the shops tricky because of narrow pavements, wild shrubs and high curbs.

This mix of hazards makes everyday journeys treacherous - and led to a near-miss with traffic on the town’s busiest road.

Richard said: “I have injured myself falling down a curb and members of the public had to divert oncoming vehicles in order to prevent an accident.

“I have gone onto the road and into the bushes, and cars have had to stop for me to cross the road - it has led to injuries, upset and anger, it’s dangerous.

“And the people that live on this street have been leaving rubbish in the pathway, so this makes it even harder to get to my nearest shop, I am getting sick of it.

“Other people that are in wheelchairs or buggies will find this difficult, this doesn’t just affect me.”

Mr Hester has a couple of simple solutions that he is urging Highworth Town Council to put in place as soon as possible - trim the hedges and make more drop curbs.

He added: “Since moving here in 2019, I have found that there is an abysmal amount of drop curbs. This is frustrating for all wheelchair users, the elderly, parents using prams, and everyone else.

I think the council need to come and cut the bushes as they are covering half of the pathway which is already too small.

“The road in front of my home has no drop curb, no traffic lights, and no means of a safe way to cross the road. I have taken this to the council, who ignored me on multiple occasions. I think they are being oblivious to such an important matter.”

Mayor of Highworth Julia Bishop said: "I can certainly arrange for the hedges and grass to be trimmed along that road, , we're just catching up on a few things.

“We have quite a few drop curbs around Highworth and to add any more, we would need to ask the borough as it comes out of their highways budget.”

Coun Maureen Penny is both a Highworth councillor and Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for highways. She said: “I'll suggest it and see if they can put more in.

"It would be dangerous to put a crossing point on that road because of the nearby building works but there are plans for a new roundabout there, which might help."