NIMBLE-fingered Julie Kane has put her sewing skills to good use by making more than 500 face masks for people living in her over 55s housing complex.

The 60-year-old started stitching three months ago when the lockdown was first brought in and so far has raised more than £750 for the British Heart Foundation with her efforts.

She has even provided masks for staff at the Priory Road medical centre.

Julie, of Henrietta Court, said: “When the coronavirus came about and people started wanting to go out I thought I’d watch a tutorial on YouTube about face masks and try to make them to give out.

“I mainly wanted to do it because people with disabilities and things like that need help to prevent them getting the virus so I just got on the sewing machine and went off.

She said: “It’s become easier to make the masks as I went on, I’ve got quicker.

“But it took about 25 minutes to make each mask from cutting them, sewing and ironing them.

“People have taken them with open arms. For the first lot I made, I donated 50 masks to Priory Road surgery in Park South and I gave 16 to the pharmacy across the road from there.

“The majority of people in this complex are in their 70s and 90s so if they started going out to get a bit of shopping they might need them,” she told the Adver.

“They wanted to pay me but I spoke to the housing manager here and we decided to give the money to charity.”

Julie lives in the complex off Marlborough Road with her husband Nigel. They moved in six years ago to make life easier for the two of them.

She explained: “We were living in a two-bedroom house and we just wanted a bit more time for us and our family rather than having to do gardening and maintenance on our house.

“And we were getting ready for retirement before we were too old to do things.”

James Rogers, Area Fundraising Manager for the BHF said: “We’re so grateful to Julie for raising such an amazing amount with her mask making.

“During these challenging times we are all going through, it was lovely to see people come up with a unique way to raise monies for a cause close to their heart.

He added: “The incredible energy and enthusiasm Julie has shown is helping us beat heartbreak forever, and we would like to say a huge thank you for her support.”