Pubs are preparing to pull pints once again this weekend with new social distancing measures in place.

The government has eased lockdown restrictions which will allow pubs, restaurants and hairdressers to welcome back customers.

One watering hole preparing to open up is The Kingsdown Inn in Stratton.

Manager Roger Waite said: “I’m quite happy with reopening, I know some people are sceptical but I’m happy.

“I just think everyone will be excited to come back and everyone will stick to the rules and regulations, we’ve got signs on the floor and at the bar where they can stand.”

He explained: “We’re sticking to the guidelines, we’ve got them all in place for the entrances and exits. The toilets will use separate doors and only one person will be allowed in at a time.

“You’ll be able to order on an app or at the bar and we’re taking bookings, but people can come in on the off-chance.

“You don’t know how it’s going to go to start with so we’re just trying to do what we can to get in customers. We’re happy with everything so far.”

Roger is hopeful people will come back to the pub in large numbers.

“Everyone will be alright with it, you might get the odd one or two but people will just be glad to get back out to the pubs,” he said.

Another pub expecting to see punters return is The Runner on Wootton Bassett Road.

Manager Jayne Tilsley had only been in charge for 10 days before lockdown started.

She said: “We’re very new managers, for us we’re reopening a pub that’s completely new to us.

“We’ve done everything that government guidelines have requested and we looked at council guidelines so we’re working hard to make sure we can keep everyone safe. The metre social distancing rule is much easier to work around than the two metre one.”

New measures include frequent sanitising of tables, chairs, doorhandles, menus and taps.

There is a limited food menu and a number to call for customers who can’t use the new app to order food and drink.

“The only disappointment is that we can’t reopen the play area which we spent a long time redoing,” she said.

“Sadly everything will be limited for a while.”