A youngster who dealt hard drugs because he was bored has avoided time in jail.

Bradley Dobson, now 20, but then just 19-years-old, twice sold crack cocaine and heroin to an undercover police officer near Faringdon Park last September.

Prosecutor Colin Meeke told Swindon Crown Court the officer, named in court only as Yasmin, called the TJ drugs line at the end of August.

Dobson, who was working for a county line, handed over drugs on September 4 and 5. On each day he sold three wraps - two of crack cocaine and one heroin - for £20.

The cocaine was high purity, ranging between 88 and 91 per cent pure cocaine.

The heroin was 53 per cent pure, which is roughly average in the cases that come before the crown court.

The young man, who had no previous convictions or cautions, was arrested and when interviewed admitted his part in dealing.

He later told the probation officer compiling a pre-sentence report that he had got involved in the operation out of boredom.

Virginia Cornwall, defending, said her client was remorseful.

He had had a difficult upbringing, but was now working hard and had even secured a new job during the coronavirus lockdown.

At the time he was arrested he had been using cocaine and cannabis. He had kicked his cocaine habit and drastically reduced his use of the latter.

“He is a young man who has a future ahead of him,” Ms Cornwall told the court.

Dobson, of Hoffman Close, Bracknell, pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to four counts of supplying class A drugs and a single charge of cannabis possession.

Sentencing Dobson to 20 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, Judge Jason Taylor QC said he accepted the man was remorseful and had had a poor start in life.

“Even though it was on two separate occasions it was effectively isolated and you are a young man, as many young men are that involves being immature and naïve.”

He added: “You made a very serious mistake, but I agree with Ms Cornwall.

“You have a future ahead of you, take it.”

Dobson was told he must carry out 250 hours of community service, up to 20 rehabilitation activity days and pay £400 costs.

The drugs were forfeited and will be destroyed.