Children’s play parks across Swindon will reopen tomorrow the government’s lockdown rules ease.

At a public meeting of the West Swindon parish council, it was confirmed that all play parks in the area including the skate park and fitness areas will reopen tomorrow after being inspected and cleaned.

But the council added that children using play areas do so “at their own risk”.

There will be new measures put in place for children and parents in order to prevent the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Parish clerk Paula Harrison said at the meeting: “Play areas and outdoors gyms can be open from Saturday. For us that represents a fair amount of work to get them back up to their usual condition. Checked, cleaned and ready for opening.”

Routine checks will be in place, but the parish says it cannot ensure the equipment is clean and sanitised after every use.

Paula added: “Having looked through guidance, it is suggested that you display a notice, and there’s a list for users letting people know that the equipment is not cleaned and sanitised and that they use it at their own risk, that they consider using hand sanitiser, wash their hands as soon as they are able to and be respectful about keeping a safe distance.

“We are going to ensure that those notices go on each play area, so this might be two or three notices in each park depending on how it’s laid out. It’s a good news to be opening them again.”

Swindon Borough Council runs Coate Water and Lydiard play parks and has confirmed both will remain closed this weekend.

A borough council spokesman added: “There’ll be more on Coate and Lydiard in due course.”

Purton Parish Council said on its website that its play parks will open tomorrow.

Wiltshire Council’s play areas will reopen from Saturday and families are strongly advised to follow the social distancing measures in place to protect others and use the facilities safely.

Cabinet member for communities Cllr Richard Clewer said: “Play areas are a great place for children to get much-needed exercise and run off steam, especially during this lockdown period.

"We’re glad we can reopen them, but it is so important that families follow the guidance.”