Pubs threw open their doors today for the first time in three months and people were glad to be able to meet up and socialise once again.

The Adver spoke to some customers who embraced the reopening. 

John Dixon, 69, was at the Sir Daniel Arms in the town centre. He said: "I've been cooped up in my room since March 16 so I'm glad to be out.

"Considering the number of people that have died from coronavirus, I can understand why the government decided to lockdown. 

"If they didn't there would have been hell to pay."

David Kent was enjoying a pint at The Runner on Wootton Bassett Road and had earlier been at The Sir Daniel Arms, he said: “I just wanted a pint really. It’s been a while and I just thought I’d come and see what it’s like now it’s reopened.

“I was at Wetherspoons this morning and tried that to see what it would be like. But I really just came for a pint.

“I don’t really have any concerns. So long as people stick to the rules there’s not going to be any trouble.

“Here is very different from Wetherspoons. Obviously they’re a very big company and it’s a popular place and it was very different.

“You had to fill in forms and get your hands sanitised and you can’t stand at the bar. You have to sit down and it does feel different."

Phil White had met up with his friend Mervin Cowan at The Runner for the first time in three months. The two of them used to meet every Saturday before lockdown. 

He said: "Normally I would be in the Gluepot but they’re closed. I would have a drink with Merv there every Saturday but of course, we haven’t been able to.

“So it’s a chance to meet up and have a couple of social pints. I doubt I’ll be out again tonight and this is a convenient place to meet.

“I thought I would go independent and support my local brewery.

“I think it’s more likely to be worse tonight. This morning I walked through town and the pubs were open but there seemed to be very few people in there."