An addict whose Swindon flat was repeatedly used as a base by London drug dealers has been jailed – after she failed to comply with rules set down by a judge in January.

Judge Jason Taylor QC decided to put off sentencing Robina Puffett at the start of the year in order to give her a chance to show she was committed to getting clean of class A drugs.

But after hearing on Friday that she had been caught with drugs and had skipped probation appointments, the judge sent her to prison for 21 months.

He told the 27-year-old: “I’m going to start by saying I’m impressed you’ve turned up today, because you must have known the writing was on the wall.

“From what I have read you have been charged with simple possession in relation to drugs, there’s the possibility of further theft charges, in relation to drugs your script is said to be increasing and you’re reported as lacking in motivation.

“By my calculation before the lockdown took place during eight months you’d only completed five out of 25 [rehabilitation] sessions.”

Puffett sobbed as she was led from the dock by cells staff. Judge Taylor said: “I am sorry you’re upset but you have to look at it in the round and the picture is you’ve not complied. That only leaves me with one option.”

In January, Swindon Crown Court heard Puffett’s Milverton Court flat was twice raided by police after reports it was being used by London gangsters.

During the first raid, on Halloween in 2017, they found dealer Akeem Dennis hiding in a wardrobe.

On the second, in August 2018, semi-naked County Lines man Lewis Owusu was lying on Puffett’s bed wearing only his t-shirt.

Puffett, formerly of Gamekeepers Close, Blunsdon, but most recently living elsewhere, admitted allowing her property to be used in the supply of class A drugs.

Prosecuting, Kaj Scarsbrook said Puffett wasn't in during the first raid - in 2017. Instead, they found dealer Akeem,Dennis, who claimed he was Puffett’s boyfriend, hiding in a bedroom wardrobe. There were signs drugs had been prepared on a table, while there were drugs scattered in piles of children’s clothing.

A year later, on August 20, police were back at the flat after reports that Puffett was being cuckooed. They found her lying on the bedroom floor. Dealer Owusu was on the bed, naked except for a t-shirt. Inside a tracksuit top by the bed was a knife blade, 60 wraps of crack cocaine and three wraps of heroin. The drugs were worth £630 and police found almost £870 in cash.

Defending, Tony Bignall said: “It’s quite apparent that Miss Puffett is in my submission vulnerable and she’s been vulnerable for quite a long time largely by virtue of her drug taking.”