Swindon Town fans have urged more communication from the club over potential tickets refunds.

So far the League Two champions have been silent on the issue as the club starts to prepare for life in League One.

When the season was suspended in March, Town still had four home games to play and six away games.

A season ticket is the equivalent of paying around £17 per home game, meaning holders are missing out on £68.

One fan, Adam Powdrill, said: “Refund or not it, would of been nice to have had some sort of contact from the club.

“Every other club in the league have seemed to have made contact with their supporters about this issue.”

Tony King added: “Supporters are entitled to the option of a refund and those who have declined should be applauded but they should not judge others.

“This is reprehensible conduct from the club and shows contempt towards the fans. I conducted some research on League Two and only two clubs, Swindon and Carlisle, have not offered any form of refund.

“Scunthorpe have stated they cannot afford the refund but will discount next seasons season tickets by an equivalent amount.”

But some fans were okay with not receiving a refund, if it meant keeping the club in business.

Josh Hughes said: “Personally, don’t want a refund. The club need the money given the fact there has been no income for the last few months.

“And I’d say this season has been good value anyway given the fact we are champions.”

Sam Burchell added: “Wouldn’t see why anyone would be bothered about not getting a refund.

“We’ve had an incredible season and definitely had our money’s worth.

“On top of that it’s our duty as the supporters to keep the club going in times like these so we should be doing everything we can to help.”

A spokesman for Swindon Town said: “Because of continued furlough of relevant staff, we have been unable to set out detailed actions regarding purchased tickets for games not played following the curtailment of the League Two season.

“Over the next week, we will be issuing communication to supporters with regard to season-tickets, match tickets for home and away games.”