POLICE caught a 14-year-old riding a motorcycle dangerously through Walcot and the Parks.

Officers from the Swindon Central South Neighbourhood Team were out on patrol on Thursday night when they received reports from witnesses of the motorbike being ridden recklessly on-road and off-road around the area.

They soon seized the vehicle and apprehended the young rider.

A police spokesman said: "Officers... were out tackling the illegal use of motorcycles, an issue that we know causes a lot of frustration to our local residents.

"The rider was returned home and will be dealt with accordingly for a number of road traffic offences.

"We will continue to take illegal motorcycles off the road, but the communities' assistance is the key to our success.

"Please continue to inform us of illegal motorcycle use by contacting us on 101."

Alternatively, witnesses can report information about these crimes anonymously through Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111.