Police have praised the bravery of a woman who helped bring her perverted brother to justice.

Alex Carr, 29, was jailed for five years on Tuesday - four months after he was found guilty of molesting his sister over almost a decade from 2004 to 2013. Read the full court report here.

Reacting to the sentence, Local Crime Investigator Chris Belcher said: “I would like to praise the young lady in this case for having the courage to come forward in the first place and to support a prosecution.

"I hope that this case once again shows victims that we are here to listen to them and we will fully investigate all reports and do our best to get justice for them.”

The Wiltshire Police staff member urged victims of abuse to come forward.

"If you are reading this and you have been a victim of sexual abuse, no matter how long ago it happened, please do not suffer in silence - please tell someone,” he said.

"Please talk to someone you can trust, whether that is a family member, a friend, a charity or the police. There is help and support out there for you."