A retired RAF man is believed to have been flying a replica Second World War fighter plane that crashed into a field near Marlborough today.

The half-size replica Focke Wulf FW 190, with a 20ft wingspan, is understood to have been approaching a grass landing strip at a farm off the A346 between Chiseldon and Ogbourne St George.

The plane, which is painted with the distinctive Iron Cross markings of the German Luftwaffe, ended up upside down around 10 metres from the landing strip.

The pilot, believed to be an experienced former RAF serviceman, sustained minor injuries and was taken to Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

Dudley Pattison, 76, a friend of the pilot, told the Adver: “He’s in hospital, but he’s okay. He’s breathing, talking, everything’s working.”
More than a dozen firefighters attended the scene, after receiving the call out shortly before 2pm on Sunday.

Station Manager Wayne Presley said fire crews had made the scene safe. “The main concern for us was the fuel itself. The aviation fuel was the main hazard for the fire service. The aircraft was in a field of standing crop, so with a day like today fire can spread."