SOME Adver readers agreed with face coverings being made compulsory in shops in England.

The Government has announced it will soon be mandatory to wear a face mask in supermarkets and other shops.

And health Secretary Matt Hancock will confirm today that anyone failing to comply with the order – which comes into force on July 24 – could face a fine of up to £100.

The move follows a weekend of confusion over whether ministers intended to make face coverings compulsory after Boris Johnson said they were looking at “stricter” rules.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

Matt Carter: “It's not a big ask for a few hours when shopping. NHS and key workers have to wear them for hours day in, day out. It's a small price to pay.”

Darlene Denise Burberry: “I think it's a good idea even though I hate the feeling of wearing one. Although, it should have happened months ago.”

Frances Dady: “10 days? It gives this government time to change their "minds" at least another 30 times then.”

Maria Phillips: “I suppose it’s to give people time to get them, but this should have been made compulsory as soon as NHS had sufficient supplies.”

Yvonne Foster: “Fair enough but please remember, there are people with health reasons that are exempt, so don't pick on these persons as jumping to conclusions will hurt them.

“Those of us that have hearing impairments, please give us time because without being able to lip read we're not able to understand what's being said.

“I don't like the idea of wearing a facemask because it's harder to recognise a person which if a crime is committed how are we going to be able to identify someone without the ability to see the whole face? This is one of the reasons crooks cover their face.”

Bev Swan: “If you don't want to wait 10 days then just wear one now. Just stop complaining and start taking control of your own life yourself today.”

Belinda Chapman: “I have to say even before Covid-19 I’d cover my mouth and nose when someone coughed or sneezed (or turn around) so it will make me feel better.”