A North Swindon pub has come under fire after customer contact details were left on display.

New rules imposed by the government mean pub staff are required to record the information to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But a sheet of paper with names and telephone numbers was spotted on the bar of the Blunsdon Arms by a customer just one day after it was allowed to reopen.

The man, who does not want to be identified but was in the pub at 9pm on July 5, was shocked by the discovery. “I am concerned as it’s a breach of data protection.

“One of the people on the list is a young 22-year-old lady and her telephone number has been on display for everybody to see.

“Her details were on public display without her knowledge or consent and because of her unique name she’s very easy to trace on Facebook.”

He took a picture showing the clipboard and paper and showed it to the Adver.

Co-manager Steven Williams said a new computer system in place to record customer details had been unavailable on that day and information had to be taken down on paper.

“I don’t know anything about it being left unattended, it obviously shouldn’t have been left unattended.

“All those sheets have now been destroyed. They were numbered so we knew we had them all.”

The pub is part of Ember Inns, owned by Mitchells & Butlers. In a statement the firm said customers were asked to give a contact number and e-mail address but not a home address.

Details were to be stored digitally and destroyed after 21 days and would only be accessed if the government requested.

“We have reminded the team at the Blunsdon Arms of these new protocols to ensure that these are followed closely. Our policy is that these details should be recorded and stored digitally. The team will no longer be recording details in physical, written form.”

As well as taking contact information, guidance on keeping customers safe in pubs includes music to be kept at a low volume to avoid the need for people to shout, controlled access to toilets and a ban on standing at the bar. Pubs have also brought in measures like socially-distanced tables and protective screens.

Customers can refuse to provide the information but pub staff can refuse to serve them.