Human rights abuses

May I add another case of human rights abuse to the list put together by Graham Woodward (SA 10th July Government is turning blind eye to atrocities)

In this case the UK government are complicit in human rights abuses and mass murder/ genocide.

I refer of course to the ongoing bombardment of Yemen where it’s reported that the death toll runs into tens, if not hundreds of thousands,something the United Nations has described as a man made humanitarian disaster, all this due to the fact this government have sold arms worth something in the region of £6billion pounds to the murdering, despotic regime in Saudi Arabia.

This government with the support of this town’s two MPs has the blood of thousands of innocent people including children and babies on their hands.

No doubt both MPs will be bowing their heads at the cenotaph on remembrance day in respect and hoping for peace in the world, while all along supporting the arms trade the word hypocrites springs in to my mind.

MP Buckland is justice secretary.

Can I ask him where is the justice in your support of selling arms to despotic regimes around the globe that commit genocide, create famine and mass displacement of people ?

Mark Webb

Old Town

Not long to wait

I went to my nearest pub in Covingham over the weekend, owned by a conglomerate.

Lovely clean premises and polite bar staff. I arrived at 9pm after meal service and enjoyed a nice pint of lager.

Sadly over the three days that I visited the premises there were more staff than customers. This government has a lot to answer for regarding its scare mongering.

Perhaps as usual it will all go away in diversive tactics of delay and subterfuge. Not in my book, trust me.

How ever the good news is that my usual haunt of alcohol enjoyment, pleasure and close friendships, the Coleview Community Centre, The social hub of Covingham, Nythe and Coleview for pensioners bingo and dancing afternoons, fishermen and women. Would be artists. Darts teams, weight losers as well as child care facilities. Packed halls with musical entertainment, as well as cheap drink regarding pub standards to mention but a few of its acumen to the general public. Opens its long shut doors on the 30th of July weekends only.

I cannot wait, join me anyone ?

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


We’ve earned free TV

My aunty was blind from the age of 37. She lived to be a hundred.

She never had to pay for her TV licence although her sister lived with her and never paid a penny!

This did not go down well with the rest of the family. Why should we have to pay for watching repeat programs?

At 75 we have paid most of our adult life. GIVE us a break! £157 will buy a lot of groceries. I should know.

Janet Woodham.

Scotby Avenue.