Swindon Town fans are divided over when is the right time for fans to return to the County Ground, and how many should.

Several fans revealed they would be happy to return to the stadium as soon as possible, but others were more cautious recommending a reduced capacity to start with.

On Facebook, Matt Meaden said: "I'd be waiting longer. What the government say and what the medical situation actually is are two different things entirely. I miss football like a hole in the head but it just isn't safe."

Dan Strange added: "If its 100 per cent capacity in October then I will probably tread carefully. If it is 25 per cent in October then I think we will see more people being comfortable."

But Robb Grey said: "I’ll be happy to return asap. Can’t live the rest of our lives in a protective bubble."

Speaking earlier today prime minister Boris Johnson said: "We will pilot larger gatherings in venues like sports stadiums with a view to a wider reopening in the autumn.

"From October, we intend to bring back audiences in stadiums.

"Again, these changes must be done in a Covid-secure way, subject to the successful outcome of pilots."