Forced to wear a mask

This coming Friday I will be legally forced against my life times principals of upholding the freedom of the individual to make their own choice. Right or wrong, a human trait. To wear a face mask to enter a shop.

Here lies the problem. I may now shop online. After going to local pubs recently and being treated like a school child. I left that phase of my life sixty two years ago.

No disrespect to the landlords. Full blame to the government. I may go back to a few containers of alcohol from the supermarket and drink at home. Much cheaper.

Tell me Blundering Boris. How is that going to help the economy as it teeters on the brink of collapse.

Finally as a law abiding citizen my youngest son obtained me a mask after a visit to the Great Western Hospital.

I put it on. It was horrendous for thirty seconds, never mind the many hours that our brilliant NHS staff and too numerous to mention essential workers that have had to put up with it.

I rest my case for the cause of sensibility and clear direction for the future of us all from our democratic leaders.

But I won't hold my breath on that one.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


Racism is no joke

Chris Gleed who has had a number of letters in the Advertiser recently criticising the Black Lives Matter movement now wants the SA to stop covering their protests (Don't cover protests )SA July 18th.

This is a form of censorship Mr Gleed. Why should the BLM be censored? And what are you afraid of?

You seem to be making a joke about going down on one knee. Is racism a laughing matter?

You seem to think so and in doing so you take the side of a racist.

Have you because of your skin colour been the victim of verbal or physical abuse, stopped by the police whilst out walking or driving a car, been followed around a shop by a security guard, been stopped by security at an airport and body searched whilst all other passengers are allowed to go through, left stranded on the kerbside by a national breakdown organisation which happened to Martin’s fiancee recently, have you ever been refused a job interview because of your name?

This is just a small list of discrimination that black and ethnic minority people face on a daily basis.

Black people don’t want special treatment, they want equal treatment. What is wrong with that Mr.Gleed? Thank you Swindon Advertiser for the coverage you have given on the BLM protests

Martin and Mark Webb

Old Town

Hand in hand

It’s just a thought, but I think to resolve the statue controversy, how about one white person and one black, holding hands with the outside ones outstretched and the caption underneath saying,we are the future.

Carole Gleed

Proud Close