Face masks - think of others or pay the fine

Oh! Mr Williams you say you should have the right as an individual to wear or not to wear a face mask. You are acting like a child.

The Government like them or not, are trying to do the best for this country.

I had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago and yes I did find the mask a little difficult. It steamed up my glasses. After five minutes I got used to it.

I was wearing it to protect others around me. This item is to prevent the virus from getting to other people that you may have contact with not to prevent it getting to you..

I think that this should have been enforced weeks ago. I am sure that we will have a second outbreak.

Do you have the flu jab? You have it to protect you. The wearing of masks is to protect other people.

I shop on line! It is great! I sit in my chair with my husband and look at all the things that I can buy and I do not have to queue to pay. It is delivered to my door on the day and time that I choose.

I for one as an OAP and classed as vulnerable by the NHS. I would not go into enclosed places where people have not got masks on.

Think of others Mr Williams, not just yourself. OR pay the fine.

Janet Woodham.

Scotby Avenue

Old Town

Face masks and the need to be grown up

In response to Bill Williams' letter of the 21st July.

If he does not wish to conform and wear a mask as appropriate I suggest he stays indoors, with his few containers.

He DOES have a choice.

Regarding being treated like a child, if he didn't act like one he wouldn't be treated like one.

Sam Smyth


A pensioners' protest

I would like to apologise to the Webb brothers about my recent letter which made reference to Black Lives Matter etc.

In my original draft, (which I seem to have amended but not sent), I stated that I and others, wanted to read about something else other than ‘Protests’ by Groups like LGBT/Rainbow, Climate Change, Black Lives Matter which is seemingly an every day occurrence.

That was my original letter content which unfortunately was not conveyed! I appreciate that the ‘Adver’ has also cropped some of my letters in the past, which is their proviso and I don’t hold that against the editors but I think this was down to me!

I do realise the importance of what needs to happen with the racial inequality in our lives which is what Black Lives Matter is about!

In conclusion, maybe us Pensioners can find a topic for a ‘Protest’!

My Wife recently added her opinion about a possible statue of White and Black persons linked together, hand in hand!

I go along with that!

I would even pose for it!

Chris Gleed

Proud Close