Questions over NHS and trade deal voting

Open letter to Robert Buckland: You have just voted yesterday not to protect the NHS from the sale of patient data to US health interests, not to protect our NHS drug control prices, not to protect our healthcare staff from wage cuts demanded on future trade deals and not to protect our NHS from rapacious US health business gaining control of policy making in large parts of our NHS.

You also voted to stop yourself and the rest of parliament from having any control or even scrutiny of of our trade negotiations and the eventual deals with other countries, including the US and China, not to protect our consumer protections, workers rights and food and farming standards...and to not be allowed to even see the detail of these...for the next five years!

Regarding your reply about the amendment Clause 4, this would seem to apply to our existing deals with the EU and any of the many third countries we already have very high standard deals with via the EU.

You seem to assure me that these will just be rolled over after the transition phase, unaltered.

How are we supposed to assume that? Given that the UK is seeking to diverge from the the rules agreed in these very same deals in order that it may deregulate to attract global trade? Especially with countries like the USA?

Hey ho, though 'nothing to see here', you assure me. 'Everything will be fine. Just trust us Tories to do the right thing...'

Steve Rouse


Where are MP's voices?

I would be most grateful if you ask our two MPs, who 'represent' us (sic) here in Swindon, to explain to your readers, indeed to the whole Swindon electorate -

1) why they both clapped enthusiastically for the NHS during 'lockdown', but then both hypocritically voted against an amendment which would have protected the NHS from foreign control in Brexit trade deals?

2) why both have said nothing about the (finally) released Russia Report, which would seem to indicate that the results of a) the 2014 Scottish IndyRef b) the 2016 EU Referendum and c) the 2019 General Election were all affected by illegal Russian influence?

Also, what do they both intend to do about this damning report, when they finally find their voices?

3) why they both think that they are now entitled to a six weeks holiday when our NHS workers, our carers, our teachers, our shop-workers, our refuse collectors and our many, many, other essential workers have worked non-stop for the past four months, or so?

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road