Clean up your PPE

When I Fast walk the streets of Swindon Day in day out I notice we have a new piece of litter on the paths and grass verges.

Every day I see dozens and dozens of single use surgical face masks. When people take them off they should put them in a bin or take them home and do the same.

Street cleaning operatives shouldn’t have to pick up other people’s Coronavirus PPE it’s wrong.

Steven Blanchard

Woodstock road


Covid control freaks

Can I be honest on this one and give my genuine opinion on the Covid -19 scenario? Thank you Advertiser readers.

I think the government panicked. The closure of a modern advanced society. From shops to places of work, holidays and recreational facilities, was a massive blunder. Financially as well as emotionally to our population.

Not to mention the number of deaths that will ensue due to the backlog of NHS treatments because of the Covid pandemic, or should I say Covid panic.

One thing it has illustrated beyond a shadow of doubt in my opinion is the control freaks that have appeared in numbers.

Their inconsistencies in criteria beggar belief. Wear a mask in a shop, public transport , but don't wear one in a pub or on a plane. Teachers don't go back to work. Is a teacher in more danger than an NHS worker on the front line of this virus. But NHS workers, bus drivers, bin men, shop workers to mention but a few of many.

As the film said. Carry On Regardless.

Finally last but not least to the two replies in the Advert to my letter about wearing a mask. I clearly stated that I would, which I have done in going to the shops. Hardly a childish act, or am I missing something in this prognosis of my behavioural conduct regarding the law?

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way



Close borders to Covid

Fifteen per cent of the people of the people who have caught Covid 19 in Britain have died.

This makes it far more dangerous than we have been led to believe.

It means that it is not a virus that we can live with like normal colds and flu because Covid 19 is a hundred times more dangerous than flu.

Britain must do all it can to stamp out this virus. Our borders need to be closed until this virus has been destroyed. Britain's borders need to be sealed indefinitely and this could be for many years.

Calculation below of the death rate.

Deaths 45,752

Total cases 299,426

This makes the death rate 15 per cent

Source of information:

Steve Halden

Beaufort Green