ANYONE following a Swindon Borough Council tweet hoping to get a bike repair voucher will have to wait a while.

The council’s communications team tweeted: “The Fix your Bike Voucher scheme has been set up to encourage more people to cycle rather than use public transport.

“If you have an old bike at home, you can now apply for a £50 voucher to help get it repaired” and added a link to the Department of Transport’s website so people can claim a voucher.

But it seems the scheme has been a little too successful.

No vouchers are available as they have all been claimed – although more should become available at some time.

The ministry website says: “The voucher scheme has been hugely popular and all vouchers in the first batch have now been allocated. We will be working closely with the cycling industry during this pilot stage to monitor impact. Further vouchers will be released when we are confident people will be able to get their bikes fixed at a wide range of retailers without significant waiting times.”

Meanwhile bike shops and repairers are still able to register with the government at