A new survey has found that only half of us understand the new lockdown rules.

If this survey was done by asking people to stop in the street and speak to a stranger with a clipboard, it's missing all the people who think we're still not allowed to leave the house, so the real figure could be much worse.

It was easy when the rules were simple. We were told to stay at home, so as long as you could remember where you lived you had it covered.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where it's hard to make sense of it all.

You can meet your friends indoors as long as there are only two households meeting.

You could meet up with several households if you did it in a pub, which is indoors. If your friends own a pub, how many households could visit?

We're lucky in Wiltshire that we have avoided any extra restrictions but if one of your friends lives in Greater Manchester or Leicester, they can't meet up with other households. But they can still go to pubs as long as they only see people from their own household.

If they visit a pub in Wiltshire they'll come across very aloof.

If one of your friends has recently come back from a part of Spain with a lower infection rate than the UK, they're less likely to have coronavirus than your other friends but they can't go anywhere as they're under quarantine for two weeks.

You can go to a beauty salon but you can't have anything done to your face.

I thought the face was where most of us wanted to look beautiful.

We could see a lot of “body for Baywatch, face for Crimewatch” situations.

That's OK because most of us have no idea if we can go down the pub or not, so no one is going to see what you look like.

In England we're still meant to stay two metres apart if you're not in a face covering.

In Scotland the two metres rules has been eased to one metre.

So if you're stood by the border you have to be two metres away from your Scottish friend who only has to be a metre away from you.

If you go to a cafe you have to wear a face mask if you're taking the coffee away and therefore aren't spending that long in the shop, but if you're staying in and breathing more you can be barefaced.

All we want is clear advice from the Government. I'd drink to that.

But I am not sure where.