Hope for a vaccine

I have written many letters , over the past months, to the Advertiser regarding the way the Government has handled this pandemic.

I make no apologies about the criticism I have laid at the Government door. I truly wished they had taken a different approach at the beginning, however, we are where we are.

Since the so-called lockdown, we have witnessed demonstrations, mass gathering on beaches. We have seen football fans singing and dancing and the reduction in social distancing from two metre to one.

The Government has, by way of unlocking restrictions, given the impression that everything is going back to normal, unfortunately, we now find that the spread of the virus is on the increase again.

The last couple of weeks Swindon, which until recently, had a low R rate finds itself 10th of the most likely places to encounter another lockdown.

We have read recently cases at Royal Mail, Iceland, Fire Station and Honda and now the Government is threatening more restrictions if the R rate in England continues to rise.

During my course of work I find it amazing how many people think that it all over? The number of times I heard people say 'I can't wear a mask I'm asthmatic'.

But these are the one's that need it most, this virus will most likely make them end up in Hospital. If it's a mask or a ventilator on my face I know which one I prefer, the mask.

I heard many times during this pandemic that many people are going without food and are relying on food banks, then the next thing I hear is that we are a nation of fatties and this is having a major impact on the Coronavirus death rate,

So the Government are encouraging us to go out and cycle to lose weight, and as a bonus they are going to give us all £10 each for a slap up meal at the local pub.

I for one desperately hope Oxford University comes up with their vaccine sooner rather later and that it works .

If it does then I for one can get my life back and go out into the world and do the things that I been missing.

Allan Woodham

West View


Covid panto continues

No pantomimes this Christmas? They have already started.

There is a rumour that Boris has now contemplated the over fifties to household arrest. Does that include himself, as well as a large majority of the British population .The House of Lords.

Not a bad idea. It saves the over £323 a day appearance nonsense at taxpayers expense. Members of Parliament including the Speaker.

You could not make this up in a madhouse. Her Majesty the Queen. Send her to the Tower in isolation . Beefeaters as well .

Not to mention all the dedicated staff of over fifty in the NHS, as well as the work force who have kept the country going from medical professors to porters during this pandemic.

The sun comes up and the sun goes down. But one of my favourite songs comes to mind. How long has this been going on.To how long has this fear farce going to continue before we all have had enough.

Finally to the teachers and public servants refusing to go back to work on full pay. How many of you were on the packed coastal beaches this weekend with your children?

None? I beg to differ, using a mathematical conclusion, as well as common sense.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way