STREETLIGHTS in Park South have been left on 24 hours a day for a year.

Now Matthew French is calling for action after the council to tackle the problem, despite his efforts.

Matthew, who lives in Kemerton Walk, first complained to the council in August 2019 that numerous streetlights were on all day as well as at night.

But despite repeatedly bringing up the issue, he says the council has failed to sort the problem.

“It’s pathetic that this is just going on an on,” said Matthew.

“I’m getting fed up with all the excuses the council keeps coming up with, blaming somebody else. Just passing the buck all the time.

“They’re on all over Park South, and there’s no need for it. I didn’t know it was dark in the day time,” added the cable assembly operator.

Streets affected include Carstairs Avenue, Farnborough Road, Purley Avenue and Eshton Walk.

Matthew, who has lived in the area for 10 years, first logged an online report to Swindon Borough Council’s Street Smart Lighting Team.

He said after nothing happened he went again to the council, which told him it was waiting for Scottish & Southern Energy, which provides the street lighting on behalf of the council, to finish maintenance work.

“That never happened as far as I know,” said Matthew.

“There has not been a single SSE person doing anything in the area or marking where they’re going to do work.”

Matthew says he was told the council has policy whereby a light that isn’t coming on is mended so it stays on all the time instead of going off during the day.

After contacting South Swindon MP Robert Buckland to take up the issue, Matthew was told on July 9 that repairs were anticipated to be completed by the beginning of August.

“Some workman came round with a van and a cherry picker and fixed a couple of lights on Carstairs Avenue but then drove off,” said Matthew.

“There’s still lights on all over the place and it’s getting stupid.,” he said

“To me it’s a serious issue because it’s wasting electricity and us as taxpayers have to pay for that, regardless of what they say,” Matthew added.

The council's cabinet member for highways Maureen Penny said: "We have been made aware that SSE has repaired a number of faults and that the method of repair that they have adopted has left a number of street lights burning during the day. I can confirm there is no cost to the public purse as the council pays an estimated bill based upon night-time hours of operation.

"We appreciate that it is frustrating to see energy being wasted and works are programmed to resolve this issue shortly."