We've already paid for TV repeats

There is obvious tension in the air in reference to the over 75s having to pay the BBC licence fee to which I personally am a tad peeved for the over 75.

Why is it that in this great country of ours we continually tend to pick on certain elements of the population?

This time its the turn of the over 75s. A lot of which still alive today fought in WW2 - both men and women.

Both the Beeb and the Government are wrong on this score the main reason to me is the utter rubbish being screened on BBC1/BBC2/BBC4 and any other channel with a BBC before it.

I'm assuming (R) means it's a repeat. Looking at the last seven days TV guide 80 per cent of screened shows, plays, gameshows etc have a (R) after it.

I fully understand the mayhem caused by Covid-19 but really what is the point in running Eastenders from 30 years ago, Eastendeŕs greatest moments.

Please stop. I paid my fee (I'm not over 75 yet) and I sorted out the outlaws, but seeing has the BBC or Auntie Beeb is showing 80 per cent repeats and we've already paid for that 80 per cent first time they was shown on TV surely we are all due a rebate of 80 per cent of the licence fee!

Same goes for the rest ITV etc but we don't pay for those channels those stations pay for themselves through advertising and the like.

May want to look over the shoulder Auntie Beeb things are greatly changing quickly daily.

John L Crook.

Haydon Wick.


Public health letter from council is an insult

Today, Friday the 14th August I received a letter from Steve Maddern ( director of public health for Swindon ) re; how to stay safe in this farcical situation the country is in through sheer incompetence by this awful Bumbling Boris Tory Government.

Can I suggest Mr Maddern you discuss with the dear leader of Swindon council to spend the tax payers money of this town wisely.

May I give you an example?

How about spending money on a decent recycling service for the sn1 postcode. Anyone who lives in the Eastcott area reading this letter will I'm sure agree in saying that at times at best its an awful service and at worst its an absolute disgrace.

Stop insulting me and stop wasting my council tax money, Messrs Maddern and Renard by sending an insulting letters to the residents to different parts of Swindon

Mark Webb

Swindon Rd

Old Town