THERE are calls for an end to fireworks being let off all year round. 

People living in Park South say the explosives are going off in the area on a regular basis, causing nuisance and distress to pets as well as disturbing the evening peace. 

Matthew French, who lives in Kemerton Walk, said: “It is a really bad problem. It comes in waves. Sometimes you don’t get anything for a few days and then there are loads all at once.

“We had an incident a couple of weeks back where someone set loads of fireworks off at 10.30pm in the evening. They didn’t give anyone any warning and it’s not fair on anyone because lots of people have pets round here and they’re just scared to death.”

He said people let off fireworks in the early hours as well as the evenings. One week in July Matthew said fireworks were heard every night. 

“It makes all the local dogs start barking because they’re scared to death," he added.

"And it just winds everybody up.

"The worst was when we were having the clap for NHS carers and every Thursday someone somewhere was setting off fireworks. 

"It was a clap for the NHS not set off explosions for the NHS. 

“But it was going on before lockdown. People these days think they can do what they want.

“Fireworks are a nuisance and they shouldn’t be happening this time of year."

Matthew blamed the sale of fireworks all year round and wants this to stop.

“We need silent fireworks or no fireworks at all except for public displays," he said. "I would prefer that. It’s getting ridiculous."

Emma Eeke echoed Matthew's sentiments and wants people to sign a petition so only silent fireworks can be sold. 

“I would like the bang to be taken out of fireworks,” she said. “So that there’s less bang more sparkle. And then it’s just you and your family who enjoy it and no one else knows anything about it.” 

Emma has lived in Park South for 25 years and thinks the problem has got much worse over time. 

She said: “Fireworks are beautiful, I love watching fireworks, but no one tells their neighbours they will be setting them off so people are able to get their animals in.  

“Recently it’s been terrible. They’ve been going off at least once a week, often more. We don’t need the sensory overload of it sounding like a war zone.”

She said her dog Sage gets really anxious and aggressive. 

“He becomes very fearful and starts jumping up and barking at things," Emma said. "It’s so sad to see, and you’ve got no warning.  

“The problem as well is people don’t set them off until 10pm at the moment because they haven’t got any darkness until then. So they have to wait until it gets dark, but that doesn’t happen until really late these days. 

“Then all the little kids start to cry that have been put to bed. The dogs bark. It’s just obnoxious. I think they need to be silent. Nobody wants to hear all the big bangs all the time."

A resident of Carstairs Avenue said they are worried their 10-year-old cockapoo will have a heart attack because they get so frightened. 

“It really stresses her out because they’re so loud," they said. "She starts panting so badly. I get really upset watching her.  

“I enjoy fireworks but just not all year round. In the summer people have been letting them off and you can’t even see them because it’s light outside so they’re just doing it for the noise.

“And we don’t get any notice at all,” they added. “You expect it on bonfire night, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, but it’s much more often than that.”