Stand by your sworn duty to protect the law

An open letter to Robert Buckland: I write to you as you are not only my MP here in South Swindon, but also because you are the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice and, as such, you have a duty to respect the rule of law.

Maintaining the sanctity of this position has been central to your position for more than 400 years and you swear an oath to do so. However Brandon Lewis MP, Northern Ireland Secretary, has confirmed that, by breaking the EU withdrawal agreement, the government would "break international law in a very specific and limited way".

Matt Hancock MP, Health Secretary, has also said that he is "comfortable" with the fact that the UK is willing to break international law!

What steps do you plan to take to protect the rule of law from attack from within your own party?

If you fail to prevent the Government from breaking the rule of law, will you stand by your oath to respect the rule of law, by then considering your own position and resigning from the cabinet? I am sure that your constituents would like to hear from you on this matter.

Steve Cowdry.

Saddleback Road


MP makes mockery of Justice Secretary role

An open letter to Robert Buckland: I write to you to let you know that I have written to the Swindon Conservative Association to register my outrage over your government’s willingness to rip up international treaties with the publication of the Internal Market Bill on Wednesday.

I also call on you to resign as Secretary of State for Justice as you make a mockery of that role.

Martin Wiltshire

Egbert Systems Ltd

Lies and incompetence

During the General election 2019, our opposition candidates brought up the dangers of a no-deal Brexit again and again.

Their opponent, Robert Buckland, formerly aghast at the prospect of no-deal prior to being promoted to Justice Secretary, promised all his constituents that he would do whatever it took to make sure we left the EU in good order and that we should trust him and Johnson to deliver this ‘overnight ready deal’.

Also that Johnson was really just a cuddly One Nation Tory rather than an incompetent grasper intent on smashing up rule of law and other national institutions.

Funny old thing though, not many of us believed either of them then, but actually were hoping to be proven wrong since we love this country.

And even though we think Brexit is a load of old codswallop, it’s happened and we don’t want it to make us poorer or undermine the Good Friday Agreement and therefore peace in Northern Ireland.

However, here we are and I wonder, how many of us are not even surprised to read the news that Johnson has been planning for no deal all along and the likelihood of the fabled oven ready deal is very slim.

Surely those who voted for this shower feel let down by the lies and incompetence?

Steve Rouse