It's all a Covid game

I note that Justin Tomlinson appreciates the disappointment of people being treated as pawns in a game being played by the government.

The newest version of the game is called 'The rule of six' and comes with its own set of fiendishly difficult rules, which despite being barely comprehensible we are all expected to follow. If we break the rules it's not 'pass GO and collect £200, its get arrested and pay a fine of £1,000. The reason for this new ' Rule of six' is set out in Justin's column. It is to make,sure hospital admissions are kept low, that the same reason given for lockdown in March, and as we all know the NHS was not overwhelmed and having had six months to prepare for new cases, it should not be overwhelmed in the future.

As for the death rate, sadly the NHS proved unable to stem the rise and over 40,000 victims of the virus died in the first 12 weeks of the crisis. The mortality figures today are statistically significant compared to deaths from pneumonia or other respiratory diseases. While a single death is a tragedy to a family, we do need to keep a sense of perspective. It is this perspective which is now missing from the debate.

Emotions are running high as politicians duck and dive as they try to do the right thing. The science on Covid is far from settled, the promises of testing, track and trace, and a vaccine are mired in obfuscation and downright untruths.The only reality is that Covid-19 is present and is not going away. As with many diseases we will learn to live with it and the NHS will do what it always does - treat those who fall sick.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


Face mask panic

Before you get to know me, I prefer to get to know you. Fair comment?

People whom I associate with consider that I have a very good memory. However over the last three weeks walking my dog to the local shops. I have had to turn back twice and retrace my steps as a law abiding citizen.

Did I forget my keys, not unknown, did I leave the cooker on, the door unlocked for burglary? My terrible mistake was forgetting my government decreed face mask to enter shops. I doubt I am the only one regarding this farce.

That same evening I entered my local Coleview Community Centre which has abided by strict adherence to government regulations. Surprise, surprise, Cilla forgive me. Bar staff muzzled. Punters, carry on as usual. I rest my case for the sake of common sense.

I would not like to see panicking Boris in charge of a nuclear submarine, would you?

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way


Wear it pink

I am writing to ask your readers to join us on 23 October and take part in the UK’s biggest and boldest pink fundraiser, wear it pink.

The coronavirus outbreak has been an unprecedented situation for us all. Speaking to people affected by breast cancer, I know it continues to be an extremely difficult and uncertain time for so many affected by the disease.

While the NHS has taken extensive steps to minimise the impact on cancer services, many people have seen their treatment paused or delayed either to help reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19 or as the NHS has tried to cope with the demands during the outbreak. I’ve spoken to people with incurable secondary breast cancer, who had anxious months without treatments that had been helping to keep their disease stable. During this time, Breast Cancer Now’s support services are even more important.

The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on our ability to fundraise, and therefore to fund research and provide support at a time when people have never needed it more.

Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day helps us continue to make world-class breast cancer research and life-changing care happen through the vital funds that are raised by people across Wiltshire each year. Without this fundraising, we simply cannot continue to be here for people affected by breast cancer, now and in the future.

. Fundraisers can register to claim a free fundraising pack at Whether your wear it pink day is held online, an event with your household or a socially-distanced event, we hope you can join us in helping to fund life-saving breast cancer research and life-changing care for those affected by breast cancer.

Addie Mitchell

Breast Cancer Now Clinical Nurse Specialist