Police have explained why they didn't shut down a massive car meet in Trowbridge at the weekend.

On Sunday, September 13 police were called to a multi-storey in Trowbridge to disperse a large group of car enthusiasts following numerous complaints from residents about the "noise and the manner of driving".

Officers blocked off the entrance and moved the high-performance cars along, who later assembled with over 500 revellers at the White Horse Business Park, many of whom did not appear to socially distance or wear face coverings.

One attendee described it as a last chance to get together with like-minded enthusiasts, following the government's move to ban gatherings of more than six people.

This Is Wiltshire:

Onlookers watch as two hatchbacks race Picture: TREVOR PORTER

This Is Wiltshire:

'Unsafe for officers to break it up'

In a statement, Insp Andy Fee said: “Officers initially attended St Stephen’s Place car park at approximately 6pm following reports of anti-social driving.

“A group of approximately 20-30 vehicles were located at the car park – officers spoke to individuals and words of advice were given and the group left the scene.

“At approximately 7pm, officers were made aware of a large gathering of vehicles at the White Horse Industrial Estate. When officers attended, there were approximately 150 vehicles and 500 people at the scene and it would have been unsafe for officers to break up the gathering.

'Monitored incident'

“As in line with the way we police large gatherings, officers monitored the incident throughout the evening with the assistance of roads policing officers and the majority of the group had dispersed by 9.30pm.”

One attendee of the meet, Daniel, who was driving an Audi, told the Adver's sister paper the Wiltshire Times: “I have come over the bridge from Chepstow to take part in this car meet.

“I suppose with the announcement from the government that no gathering of more than six it was the last chance to get together with like-minded car enthusiasts.”

This Is Wiltshire:

Police patrolling the car meeting Picture: TREVOR PORTER