A convicted fraudster’s mum was said to be ringing around solicitors’ offices to ensure he had legal representation for a proceeds of crime hearing.

Daniel Robertson, 30, was given four years and on month behind bars last year after he admitted fraud and controlling an article for use in a fraud. Over two-and-a-half years he made £200,000 of fraudulent loan applications to banks and building societies, including under fictitious names like "Daniel A***hole". He raked in £52,000 from the dodgy applications.

Prosecutors now want to claw back some of the cash his gang made from the scam. At a hearing earlier this month, Robertson lashed out at the judge after he was questioned on why he wasn’t represented by a lawyer.

The fraudster was accused of behaving like a petulant child when he refused to knock on the door to his prison’s video link room so a guard could note down the details of a lawyer who might be able to represent him.

Robertson appeared more relaxed when he was back before Swindon Crown Court on Monday. He told the judge his mum was helping him contact solicitors’ firms, as it was difficult to do so while in prison.

Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “Quite frankly, getting your mum involved is probably the better thing to do. She’s going to have more joy because she can make phone calls far more easily than you.” He listed the case for mention on September 28. A full proceeds of crime hearing has been listed for November 18.