Trowbridge residents and fast food workers joined local councillors for their community litter pick.

Drynham councillors, Andrew Bryant and Denise Bates, held their third litter and weed pick at the weekend.

The pair were joined by Drynham 15 residents, two council staff and staff from the McDonald’s on Bradley Road, as well as the street cleaning machine leased by the town council.

Cllr Bryant said that picking up litter throughout the ward, collecting a total of 20 sacks full of litter.

He said: “Although there were few large items of litter, we found significant amounts of cigarette butts and weed growth and a desperate need for the gutters to be swept.

“We picked up a lot of casework and have reported a number of issues to Wiltshire Council.”

Areas such as Dursley Rd, according to Cllr Bryant, experienced higher concentrations of litter and that they will be back out to clear them soon.

“We are absolutely delighted by the support we’ve received.

“Denise and I have been getting many replies from our summer survey and litter and green spaces are once again in the top three issues for the ward along with speeding traffic.

“We would like to thank everybody who has supported the pick, including Trowbridge Town Council and Wiltshire Council for the loan of equipment.”

For information on future litter picks Drynham residents can visit