MP's alarming response

The rule of law is something that you, as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, have sworn to uphold.

The last five Prime Ministers (both Tory and Labour, obviously) have expressed their concerns on the matter. However, the response that you have given to the national media is quite alarming.

I quote - "I'll resign if the government breaks the law in a way that I find unacceptable."

I'm sorry, but am I missing something? I didn't think that it was acceptable, in any way, to break the law.

As Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice you have a responsibility to lead by example.

However sir, I put it to you that you have done nothing to dismiss the growing belief, within the UK public, that this government has no morals, no scruples and no leadership. Lest we forget, both you and the PM are ex-Remainers!

Sadly, the Internal Market Bill- which would break the EU withdrawal agreement - has tonight (14 Sept) cleared its first hurdle in the Commons. I, and many others, call on you to resign, as you just cannot be trusted.

PS I wonder if "Sorry, officer - I was doing 34 mph in a 30 zone? - never mind, the government says that it's ok, because I was only breaking the law in a limited way!"

Steve Cowdry.

Saddleback Road


Covid rule confusion

It is hardly surprising that people are confused by the Government’s rules, regulations and laws that are supposed to prevent the spread of infection with Coronavirus. They change frequently; and they vary between different parts of the UK – and in different parts of England!

If they want people to obey the rules, then these rules must be: consistent, concise and clear so that they can be understood by all, enforceable (and they should be enforced), and there can be no exceptions.

The virus is out there in the air that we breathe – and it does not discriminate between any individuals who breathe it in; though those who have underlying health problems are more likely to suffer severely from any infection. Some may breathe it in but not develop symptoms – they become ‘carriers’ of the disease and can still pass it on to others.

Although the virus is in the air we breathe, it is likely to be more concentrated in enclosed spaces (indoors), where the air circulates less, than in open spaces (outdoors), where the air circulates more freely.

Masks cannot provide complete safety from infection (nothing can!); but they act as filters. They reduce the concentration of any virus we breathe in (so, offer some protection for us from catching it); and the air we breathe out (so, protecting others from catching it from us – even if we are symptomless carriers).

An efficient, and speedy, testing service will help to identify those who have the virus; and an efficient, and speedy, tracking and tracing of contacts should help to control and contain its spread.

Malcolm Morrison

Retired Surgeon

Prospect Hill

Convenient outrage

Steve Cowdry, Martin Wiltshire, Steve Rouse, your convenient outrage at a critical point re Brexit rather sums up the accusers not the proponent of law aka Robert Buckland.

Where was your faux outrage at extinction rebellion, BLM and the likes of George Floyd.

I don’t recall seeing a word of criticism for these “criminals”?

I think I sense some serious hypocrisy going on here !

Roy Gibbons

Bath Road

Old Town