COUNCILLORS in Trowbridge have helped reclaim a plot of public open space that had been overgrown.

The public space to the rear of housing in Liddington Way in Drynham Ward had been ignored for a number of years.

It was pointed out to Drynham councillors Andrew Bryant and Denise Bates when they were meeting residents in July 2019.

They have since worked closely with Wiltshire Council to get the land reinstated and after a long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this week saw the clearing of bramble growth and fly tipping.

Cllr Bryant said: "We are very grateful to the resident of Liddington Way who first brought this to our attention."The original growth was over ten feet high across the entire plot, and although it was cut back at the beginning of the year it regrew during the Covid lockdown so it has been a very long process to get to this point.

"The next stage is reseeding and then exploring ways the residents would like to enjoy the space." He added: "Drynham is a very dynamic ward and is constantly developing. Around the corner from Liddington Way the Newland Homes development is proving very popular.

"The priority for us both now is to ensure none of the proposed Elm Grove development impacts on existing residents.

"I have made it clear to the developer and agent we cannot accept construction or resident traffic accessing Wiltshire Drive and Drynham Road."