This is why the left hates Donald Trump

In a search for reasons to endorse Donald Trump, Steve Jack (SA, October 10) consulted the three wise monkeys and, with eyes and ears duly shut they informed him that Trump was a gift to the World from above.

That was enough for Steve. Even as Trump increased drone attacks on civilians, escalated troop numbers in, and bombings of, Afghanistan and Syria, escalated tension against Iran (attempting to strong arm the World into the same), repeatedly threatened military adventures in Latin America, gave the green light to Turkey to attack Kurdish forces fighting Isis and edged the World ever closer to a cold war, or worse, with China, all this was for Steve, military de-escalation.

As Trump does deals with some Middle Eastern feudal dictatorships to make space for increasing illegal theft of Palestinian land through Israeli state terror, Steve imagines this as moving towards peace.

As violent white supremacists celebrate Trump’s support for them Steve supports Trump’s calculated pretence that racism and opposition to it are the same.

Black people, they propose, should accept violence against them, accept a subordinate position in society, accept colour bars, go back to the back of the bus, then we could all get on in harmony. They blame anti-racists for opposing the anti-Semitic mob, who had chanted, “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

It is, for Steve, divisive to oppose racism.

No amount of Mr Jack’s holy water, however much Trump bleach he adds, will hide the threat to all of us posed by Trump and his ilk.

Peter Smith

Woodside Avenue


Government ineptitude

I found myself in a very unique privileged position in my local Community Centre on Friday.

I sat with a personal friend and moved around to sit and converse with other friends at other tables .Not forgetting to put on my Lone Ranger without Tonto mask.

I had more consent than the two brothers who tried to comfort their mother at their fathers cremation.When the funeral was stopped.

On a more personal note I, with the help of my youngest son, cared for my late wife for four years until her demise from dementia at home. Through all the horrors of this disease she would smile and clasp your hand near the end. You now have to do that through a double glazed window .

To be honest words fail me to continue with tears in my eyes in memory of my Good Lady. The so called elected government's ineptitude and lack of moral rectitude regarding,not way of life, but quality of life astounds my sense of fair play and common sense.

I rest my case with hope in my heart they change their tack in stormy seas. Before the confused electorate, including I, do it for them.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way