A surgeon concurs

I wholeheartedly support Dr Barry’s remarks about the wearing of masks (SA 13th Oct).

The virus does not discriminate between the people it infects. When it is in the air, it can be breathed in by anyone regardless of age, sex or race.

It is true that some people, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, are more likely to suffer severe illness if they become infected.

However, just because you are young and well, this does not mean that you cannot catch it and pass it on to others. Many people can be carriers of the virus without knowing it (they may test positive yet have no symptoms); so they can still spread the disease because the virus is in their breath.

Thus, the virus is likely to be more concentrated (more droplets in the air) where people are congregated together in a confined space (indoors).

So, the rules, that are designed to stop (or reduce) the spread of the virus, must apply to everyone – without any exceptions – and should be obeyed by all of us.

Malcolm Morrison

Retired Surgeon

Prospect Hill

Track and trace failing

Adver Journalist Connor Mountford has produced a useful piece of research and identified that shoppers are ignoring the QR codes to be found displayed in many town centre shops.

Local MP Robert Buckland urges people to use the system and as usual quotes the current government inspired mantra. Sadly it is Robert’s colleagues who have spent £12 billion on a Track and Trace programme which is not achieving its objectives.

To put this into perspective one only needs to read the report by fellow Adver journalist Elly Roberts (SA, October 13) page 8 in which she confirms that fewer close contacts of people with coronavirus are being reached through the programme.

Indeed the comment by the head of NHS Providers (another unwanted Quango) describes the “Worsening test and trace programme nationally.” as worrying.

I imagine many will feel this is something of an understatement.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


Unstatesman-like Trump

Steve Jack (SA, October 10) asks Why does the left hate Donald Trump?

I think a better question is Why would anybody vote or even like Donald Trump? In my opinion he is not only a compulsive liar, but a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, narcissistic, xenophobic, sociopath.

Trump, it seems to me appeals to the uneducated, ill informed. He is a man whose unpresidential unstatesman-like social media rants spread disinformation, hatred, and division that deflects from his own abysmal failings as the American President and his incompetence in handling the Covid19 virus.

From day one Trump has sought to undermine public confidence, in democracy and mass media coverage, with his persistent claims of “fake news” when his many lies are challenged. This is both insidious and dangerous in a democratic society.

Finally as for Mr Jack's comments about society becoming more WOKE definition “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice” I for one think the world would be better place if we were all more WOKE.

Tony Wilkinson

Cornflower Road

Haydon Wick