Connection failure

I am sure that many Adver readers will be delighted to learn that City Fibre intends to provide nearly every home and business in Swindon with access to next-generation broadband. In fact the state-of-the-art infrastructure is expected to boost business productivity and innovation and deliver millions of pounds in economic benefits for Swindon, while giving residents access to the UK’s fastest broadband services.

Everyone should be pleased that detailed planning is already underway as CityFibre designs a network capable of serving Swindon’s current and future demands. Upon completion, the network will be in reach of nearly every home and business in the town and will provide a platform for a new generation of “smart city” applications and the roll-out of 5G mobile services.

But wait a minute - the network is not yet live but once activated, services will be available from an increasing range of broadband providers.

David Renard, Leader of Swindon Borough Council, welcomed the announcement, adding: “Every modern, vibrant economy needs access to fast broadband and we have made it a priority to ensure residents and businesses in Swindon are able to benefit from the latest technology.” I’m sure Coun Renard means every word he utters, but it’s a parroting of things the administration has said before.

Who can forget that SBC has had three attempts at bringing Wi-Fi to the borough. It has failed each time and the cost of failure has fallen on the beleaguered council tax payer.

Digital City, lauded by Coun Garry Perkins who assured your readers that the £400k he agreed to hand over to failed businessman Rikki Hunt would be repaid with 20 per cent interest (which incidentally has never happened) - the first UKB plan which was heralded as ‘covering the entire borough’ in November 2012 and the current UKBN system which cost the council tax payer close on £1m and which was going to provide an income to the council coffers.

The failure of each of these is not down to poor technology, it’s simply a matter of poor decision making.

I trust City Fibre will deliver, but at what cost to the council tax payer, and by the way it’s not just the recouping of the supposed investment of £40m that will definitely be borne by users. However, can you imagine the patchwork quilt of roads and pavements which will be created by the need to dig channels in which to lay cables?

In October 2012 we were assured that the whole Borough of Swindon had a system fit for the future, the new deal will only provide broadband for some homes, not all.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


Idiots in power

Human beings are natural herd animals through millions of years of evolution. Look at the Premier League football match crowds before the Covid -19 farce, to prove my point. We are creatures of habit. No music, no entertainment allowed. Going to your local seems like a dreaded visit to the hospital or dentist. To mention but a few or denied Magna Carta and Common Law rights by this inept government.

This year as I get near the end game it has has filled me with despair for the future of the human race.

Nonsensical restrictions on our freedoms which change by the minute.The idiots in power, I do not use that word lightly. Destroying our economy while flouting their own draconian ridiculous rules. My point ?

Personally and I have been around quite a while. My attitude now, after never missing a local vote nor a General election once. Is the next time to go to the polling booth and write in capitals on the ballot paper.What Is The Point. I suspect I do not stand alone in that decision.Kindest regards to all.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way