A COUPLE have vowed to continue their battle with Wiltshire Council after having their plans to build a new house thrown out.

Malcolm and Tracey Holland, who live at Marlborough House in Broad Town, applied earlier this year to build a bungalow on land in their back garden and move in themselves – allowing them to sell their existing home.

The three-bed bungalow would have seen the garage at the side of the existing house demolished to make room for driveway access to the rear of the site.

When built Mr and Mrs Holland would have moved into the new home – dividing the site – before selling Marlborough House.

Chartered town planning consultant Mark Doodes said: "There is a severe need for housing in the area.

“This would develop a backland plot, which is functionally part of the village and adds a quality family home to the local housing stock and it does not harm neighbouring or the host dwelling’s amenity.”

The application prepared by Mr Doodes pointed to similar developments in Broad Town.

It continued: “Elsewhere in the village there have been a few applications that have received planning permission and are comparable.

"The two sites at 3 Church Farm Rise and Church Farmhouse, sitting approximately 50m from Marlborough House and their backland relationship between each other is worth pointing out.”

The application received a mixed response from neighbours. Some wrote to oppose the development, while others said it would allow the couple to stay in a village where they are active and well-liked.

But planners at Wiltshire Council did not agree.

They turned down the Hollands’ plan, saying: “The development is outside the built form of Broad Town and would further expand the village edge into the open countryside beyond.

“It would result in urbanisation of the open countryside out of keeping with the character, appearance and visual amenity of the locality.”

Now Mr and Mrs Holland have appealed against the decision. It means the matter will be decided by a government-appointed planning inspector.

No hearing will be held but written representations should be made to the inspector at west2@planninginspectorate.gov.uk quoting APP/Y3940/W/20/3259035 by November 11.