PLANS to issue on-the-spot fines to people engaged in anti-social behaviour in Trowbridge town park are under discussion.

Town councillors voted at a full council meeting to refer the issue to the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee which has since decided to set up a working party to explore all options to tackle anti-social behaviour within the vicinity of the town park.

These could include using CCTV, employing a park warden, or asking Wiltshire Police to use a police community support officer to patrol the park.

Trowbridge resident Paul Jubbie asked the council if the anti-social behaviour would include littering, fly-tipping, graffiti and dog fouling.

He said the council had no authority to issue fixed penalty notices, adding "Salisbury City Council have to use Hampshire Council to issue fixed penalty notices as they don’t have authority themselves."

Cllr Edward Kirk raised the issue of using an enforcement firm for tackling anti-social behaviour in July 2018 but was advised there was not enough business to justify a private contractor to do this.

Cllr Andrew Bryant confirmed that the alcohol exclusion zone has expired within the park. Prosecution is dealt with by Wiltshire Council but to take action a ticket would be raised by the police.

This is passed to the council to conduct the fine but no fines have been issued so it is very ineffective, he said, adding: "We need to look at the no drinking zone as a body."

Trowbridge mayor Cllr Peter Fuller said the public order protection has lapsed. He has written to Wiltshire Council and is waiting for a response on how to address the problem.

Anti-social behaviour has been rife in Trowbridge town park for many years, including drug-taking, people drinking alcohol and vandalism.

Councillors have also noticed disruptive anti-social behaviour taking place near the tennis courts which has been reported to police.

They have asked for four benches situated close the courts to be removed and located in other play areas in the town.