TROWBRIDGE householder has condemned a brazen thief who stole everything from an honesty box outside his home.

John Stevens has reported the theft to Wiltshire Police after two people stole eggs and bags of kindling and logs.

The pair pulled up in a black Skoda outside his home on the West Ashton Road at 11.46am on Tuesday.

Mr Stevens’ CCTV system has recorded one man getting out of the vehicle to nick bags of logs, kindling and three boxes of eggs.

The car registration has been identified by CCTV at the premises and the theft has been reported to Wiltshire Police.

Mr Stevens, 41, a construction manager, said: “One person got out of the car and nicked the lot.

“We keep about five chickens in the back garden. It’s not about the money, it’s about getting rid of surplus eggs and we also put out kindling and logs.

“These people are obviously chancers who are on the hunt for everything they can get."

“Nobody had visited the honesty box apart from the thief and he or she took everything that was there. I’m presuming they are going to sell it on somewhere else.”

The thief was wearing a dark coat with a patterned hood, with a Covid-19 pandemic mask over his or her face, blue jeans with holes at the knees and red and white trainers.

Wiltshire Police have given Mr Stevens a crime reference number and have been given the car registration number to track down the vehicle’s owner.