People not government to blame for spread of coronavirus

We all love to blame The Government (or their officials) for everything!

Certainly, The Government deserves some criticism for some of its handling of the pandemic; but governments do not spread viruses – people do!

It would appear that some people still do not understand that they can feel perfectly normal (have no symptoms) yet be carriers of the virus.

The virus is in their body and in their breath. So, they can spread the virus every time they breathe out.

That is why we should ALL obey the rules. We must keep our distance from others; we must avoid congregating in large numbers – particularly indoors; we must wear masks in public buildings (except when eating and drinking); we must wash our hands frequently and, most importantly, we must go into quarantine (self-isolate) when told to do so.

If EVERYBODY did this, we would soon bring the spread of the virus under control and would, then, be able to get back to a more normal way of living.

Malcolm Morrison

Retired Surgeon

Prospect Hill