A DRIVER was caught fly-tipping at a ‘favourite spot’ along a road in Shrivenham before trying to intimidate an onlooker.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous spotted the person dumping a wooden door in some bushes along Stainswick Lane while she was jogging.

She told the Adver: “I was heading back home while jogging when the guy drove past me and stopped. I didn’t think anything of it to begin with.

"I didn’t realise what he was doing at first, I saw him take something out the back of his car which looked quite big and when I caught up to him I said ‘ I think you left your door behind’.

“He denied it and got back in his car and that’s when I started filming it and taking photos. He ended up trying to intimidate me by driving aggressively near me but he was only angry because he had been caught.”

The road has previously been targeted by fly-tippers because it is out of the way.

In the past few months there have been three major fly-tips along this road, in allotments nearby and next to the Memorial Hall at Highworth Road.

The jogger who spotted the driver dumping illegally has since reported it to Shrivenham Parish Council.

She said: “I don’t understand why he did this because Stanford Waste Recycling Centre is just 10 minutes down the road.

“He was an older gentlemen, probably in his late 60s, I thought he would have known better than to do this. It’s frustrating that people think they can. It’s just laziness that he wouldn’t just take it to the recycling centre.”

Chairman of the parish council, Richard Bartle, said: “We have had three quite serious incidents of fly-tipping around the village in the past few months. First, we had some extremely cheeky characters who drove into the allotments, not once but twice, and tipped large piles of wood chippings on to the allotment car parking area.

“Then, we discovered that someone had filled one of the large commercial rubbish bins in the Memorial Hall compound with a substantial amount of builders' rubble which the Parish Council have had to pay for as the weight of rubbish then exceeded our monthly allowance. We have now arranged to have these bins locked.

“And then, as if to add insult to injury, some other anti-social villains tipped more rubbish at the bottom of Stainswick Lane by the railway line. This is a favourite spot for fly-tipping as it is at the end of a narrow lane with a large area of hard standing by the railway line and where it is easy to tip rubbish and escape without being seen.”